Цимайло. Ляшенко. Партнеры | CHEKHOV



Address: Moscow, Malaya Dmitrovka str., 18A

Plot area: 0,2 ha

Total area: 4 100 m2

Client: VESPER

Photographer: Ivanov Ilya

Tasks: The main objective was to design apartments with views of the Hermitage Garden. Effectively fit the building in a small area, taking into account severe urban restrictions.

Solutions: Mostly all apartments overlook the garden Eastern facade design with vertical lamellas, finished with copper, leaves much privacy for dwellers, but at the same time opens magnificent views. Layout of the building embraces the ceiling amount of apartments despite space limitations and permitted minimal construction footprint.  The layout of the apartments allows to put fire walls close to adjacent buildings with no loss of quality of life. The lobby and surrounding grounds were placed deeper so the higher floors remained within the high-rise limit.