Цимайло. Ляшенко. Партнеры | Private hotel on the Mediterranean coastline

Private hotel on the Mediterranean coastline

Private hotel

Address: Mediterranean coastline

Plot area: 0,2 ha

Total area: 4 000 m2

Client: n/a

Tasks: Create the illusion of privacy in natural landscape Take full advantages of views and the terrain Hide the hotel shapes from each other and from public

Solution: An artificial oval pond on the hill top, the trees that were carefully selected and preserved together with integration of the building shapes into the hill, permitted to reconstruct an image of pristine wilderness The main volume of the complex that encases the pond creates the most spectacular scenery spot overlooking the sea The slope of the roof makes the hotel part of the terrain All building shapes are digging into the terrain staying invisible for public still keeping the main view spot – the Mediterranean Each building has a separate entry which makes them all connected with the leisure house