Цимайло. Ляшенко. Партнеры | Kutuzovskiy XII

Kutuzovskiy XII

Kutuzovskiy XII

Address: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy Boulevard, 12

Plot area: 0,36 ha

Total area: 17 961 m2

Client: Capital Group

Photographer: Ivanov Ilya

Task: Design a luxury residential building on a small site making it a part of monumental architectural ensemble of Kutuzovskiy boulevard

Solution: The image of a flowing ethereous crystal castle is obtained due to transparent glass columns glowing during night time. Symmetry and sonority of the façade permitted to put the building into the surrounding architectural context of Stalinist Empire style Panoramic French windows create the effect of monumentality by visual building height augmentation. Due to the greening of the approach – the green public area was expanded Double-height halls increase the feeling of a particular status of this residential building