Цимайло. Ляшенко. Партнеры | Private residence in Znamenskoe

Private residence in Znamenskoe

Private residence
in Znamenskoe

Address: Moscow region, Odintsovskiy district, Znamenskoe village

Plot area: 0,297 ha

Total area: 1 160 m2

Client: n/a

Tasks: Create adventurous and comfortable living in a suburban area, where the house stands too close to the neighboring sites, leaving little privacy to the dwellers. Ensure good views of the rural landscape

Solutions: All shapes of the building are arranged round the perimeter framing the courtyard. An open courtyard appeared in a tightly enclosed site, the lawn is landscaped. The ground floor windows are made from floor to ceiling and look on to the courtyard, opening nice views from the premises. The faсade is finished with rare for Moscow region materials such as clinker brick Wittmunder and reinforced concrete