Цимайло. Ляшенко. Партнеры | Private residence in Millenium Park

Private residence in Millenium Park

Private residence
in Millenium Park

Address: Moscow region, Krasnogorsky area, “Millenium Park” village

Plot area: 0,6 ha

Total area: 535 m2

Client: n/a

Photographer: Ivanov Ilya

Tasks: Build a private residence in the area located between a forest and a road. Ensure privacy for the dwellers. Create visual connection between indoor and outdoor.

Solutions: Free-standing buildings are put together due to the high fence that frames several courtyards. The fence on the street side is made of matte-surfaced glass, which permits to maintain privacy and create a minimalistic image of the residence. Triangular windows on the 2nd floor appear to taper to the bottom, making the inner space both intimate and illuminated.